Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

Single Responsibility Principle or simply SRP is the simplest among 5 principles, SOLID, of object oriented programming. My intent behind this post is to make it even simpler to understand for those who are just starting.

MSMQ over HTTP and Load Balancer - Part 2

In Part 1 we saw how to configure MSMQ to work with HTTP protocol. In this post we will send messages to remote queue and also check if our message did really reach the queue. Consider there are two servers, one where application resides and other where queue resides. We will call them Server1 and Server 2. To be specific, this post talks about remote non-transactional private queues.

MSMQ over HTTP and Load Balancer - Part 1

MSMQ 3.0 introduced many new features like Internet Messaging (referencing queues via HTTP, SOAP-formatted messages, MSMQ support for Internet Information Services), queue aliases, multi casting of messages, and additional support for programmatic maintenance and administration of queues and MSMQ itself (source Wikipedia).