Get QueryString values using JavaScript

In, we retrieve query string values using QueryString collection property of HttpRequest class which in turn is exposed as a Request property of Page class. So in we can get query string value using syntax like Page.Request.QueryString[index | "key_name"] and so on. However, many times, we also need to access these query string values in client script, say, JavaScript.

RegisterStartupScript vs RegisterClientScriptBlock in

Both of these are methods of ScriptManager class. Instance of ScriptManager class is exposed as "ClientScript" property of the page. These methods are used to dynamically insert client script into the webpage at runtime. If both can insert client script at runtime, then what's the difference between the two? Note that Page class also has these methods however they have been marked as deprecated now.

Persist gridview row selection during pagination

Gridview is most commonly used control for displaying tabular data from database. However most of the times, we need to perform bulk operations on multiple rows and for this we provide user with extra column containing checkboxes for selecting rows. User selects one or more records (rows) and performs bulk operations.

Checkbox list validation using custom validator in

Here I am going to show a simple way of checking if any of the checkbox list items is selected or not. It is quite common scenario wherein a form contains checkbox list and that selecting at least one of the options from list is mandatory. Surely RequiredFieldValidator is not going to work in this case. So we will be using CustomValidator for validation.