SET NOCOUNT is used to improve performance, especially that of Stored procedures and Triggers. When you create new stored procedure or trigger on a table, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) generates a template.

Accordian control not showing up after databinding! (AjaxControlToolkit)

In this post I am going to point out the issue related with binding data to ajax Accordian control. For the first time (long back!) when i used Accordian control for displaying data from database, I simply could not do it. I felt it would just be as straight forward as binding Gridview, ListView etc, but I was wrong!

Difference between Const and Readonly in C#

It is quite obvious to get confused between the two or to exactly understand what are the differences between them and how they work. Using either of them in place of each other (a field cannot be const as well as readonly at a same time) without understanding can put you in trouble at later stage. So lets first look at the differences: